How does it work?

*Participants have agreed to sleep (or at least try to) for up to 8 hours (480 minutes)  in their vehicle on the night of their choice in December.

*They start with 240 COLD minutes (4 hours).  

*Every "COZY" pledge decreases the number of minutes they will spend in their vehicle (1 minute for each $1).

*Every "COLD" pledge increases the number of minutes they will spend in their vehicle (1 minute for each $1) up to a maximum of 8 hours (480 minutes).

*Pledging takes place until November 30.  We encourage online pledges, but they can also be collected the "old-fashioned" way.  At that time pledges will be tallied and participants will be notified of their total "COLD" minutes owed.  

*Please type “cozy” or “cold” in the notes section when you make your pledge. 

*Stay tuned to our website and FB page in December to see the videos and read about each participant's experience "serving" their COLD time :-)  

brianna battista

Hi!  I'm Brianna!  I'm 18 years old and currently studying special education and early childhood education at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. I have worked with children for a large part of my life and it is truly sad to imagine any of the children  that I work with living on the streets or without a home. I am participating in the "Cozy or Cold" event because our community needs to  see a change in the number of homeless families in our area and I would like to do my part to help. I have slept in my car for previous Family Promise fundraisers and know that it is going to be uncomfortably cold so I would greatly appreciate  "cozy" pledges to add minutes that I get to sleep in my warm bed but I am always up for a challenge, so bring on the  "cold" pledges too!  

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angela mann

Hi!  I'm Angela and I have five young boys at home.  I cannot imagine what it would be like for any one of them to have to go without basic needs such as a home to call their own, yet I realize that there are so many kids all around us that are living that life!  I hope that you will join me in supporting Family Promise of Monroe County by placing either a "Cozy" or "Cold" pledge here.  To be honest... I prefer "Cozy", but then I'm sure so would the kids who are homeless right now, so I'll take "Cold" pledges too... even if that means I will experience some chilly time in my vehicle getting a taste of the world they live in.

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John Battista

Hi!  I'm John.  I am 9 years old and go to school in Tomah.  It makes me super sad to know that there are other kids right here in Tomah that don't have a place to call home.  I have slept in the car before for Family Promise and it is WAY too cold!  But I will do it again if it helps the kids!  With your pledges, though, I can stay cozy warm in my bed.  For every $1 you pledge you can choose whether I stay in my bed for 1 minute (a COZY pledge) or in my car for 1 minute (a COLD pledge).  Don't forget to comment with COZY or COLD so we know what type of pledge it is.  THANKS for helping the homeless kids!

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Neil Nelson

Hi!  I'm Neil Nelson!  I am one of the Pastors of Bible Evangelical Free Church in Tomah and am looking forward to the awesome opportunity we have to be a host church for Family Promise of Monroe County.  As tempted as I know you are to pledge "COLD", remember how much I love to find ways to repay such kind gestures, so... consider pledging "COZY"!!  LOL!

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Tom Graber

Hello!  We are excited to  come alongside Family Promise of Monroe County through our ministry, Acres of Hope.  With our new Retreat and Training Site, Sparrow's Nest at the Abbey ( ), we are able to team up in the fight against local family homelessness by offering space for the Daycenter (where families receive intensive, individualized training and resource connections through the Director of FP during the day).  We know that funding is an important need for a non-profit to get started, so I am up for sleeping in my vehicle for a night based on your pledges!  Be sure to note "Cozy" or "Cold" when you pledge so that I know if the minutes/dollar will be spent in my bed or my vehicle.

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Kathy berg

Hello!  I'm Kathy Berg and I am the Family Promise of Monroe County representative for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  I am doing the Cozy or Cold event to help with the effort of bringing homeless people in from the cold and into an atmosphere of love and helping- to offer them shelter and a chance to restart their lives with the help of their community.  This is my calling from God, to help others and to feel what it is like to be in their shoes for at least one night.  Please support this effort and donate $1.00 per minute to either let me sleep in my bed or in the back of my car for one night in December.  Thanks!

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bob echternach

Hi!  I am a huge supporter of Family Promise and am excited to be the representative for one of our host churches, Tomah Church of the Nazarene!  This is a great way for friends and community members to join us in the fight against family homelessness in Monroe County because through a simple pledge of any amount you will be making a difference AND choosing how long I will be sleeping in my vehicle this year.  I know that I can handle it, so bring on the "Cold" pledges!!  Or "Cozy" will do as I don't mind sleeping soundly in my bed at all ;-) 

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Krishna Battista

Hi!  Most of you know me through one of my many passions, but no matter how you know me, I would guess that it comes as no surprise to you that I cannot stand the thought of any child going without basic needs.  Because I KNOW that Family Promise WILL change the lives of children by helping their parents/guardians overcome the obstacles that have brought them to homelessness, I am MORE than happy to sleep in my vehicle to raise funds that will bring about life change for generations to come!  Please pledge with a note of "COZY" or "COLD" to indicate whether your donation goes toward time in my vehicle or time in my bed.  As much as I love my COZY bed, I know that the fun comes with the COLD pledges, so I will see either as a loving gesture toward making a difference ;-)

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