We are up and running! Yay!


"Racing toward Home" bed races

Join us on September 14 at Sparta Meadowview Middle School (back parking lot)!! Unloading of beds and Check In for racers begins at 9:00 am. Event begins at 10:00 am!

What is a Bed Race?


A Chance to Make a Difference in a Super Fun Way!

Each team designs and builds a bed to race against other teams.  Two beds are raced at a time.  The two beds that achieve the fastest times race against each other in the Final Race for the title of 

"Grand Champion- Sp


An Opportunity for Communities to Come Together!

Spectators from all of our Monroe County communities play a key role in the Family Promise "Racing Toward Home" event!  Not only will they have a blast... they will choose the winner of our other top prize... 

"Grand Champion- Design!"


An event that changes lives of children right here in Monroe County!!

All proceeds from this fundraising event will be invested into assisting Monroe County families who are struggling through a homeless situation.  These parents and children will not only be offered a safe place to stay that provides for basic needs, they also receive intensive personal case management through our Director in order to find and maintain long term  sustainable housing!

all the info you need to race!


Video of a Bed Race in Action!

Team Rules

1.  Six (6) people per team.  A single substitution is allowed (6th team member serves as an alternate.)

2. One member (who weighs at least 100 pounds) must be riding on the bed for the entire race.

3. All four pushers must be in contact with the bed when crossing the finish line to qualify.

4. Use of helmets, kneepads, and athletic shoes is encouraged.

5. All bed costs are borne by entrants.  This includes the entry fee.

6. The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited.

7. Failure to report for bed inspection prior to race time will mean disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.

8. Every team member MUST sign a race waiver.  Parents or guardians must sign for youth participants ages 16 and 17.

Bed Construction Guidelines

1. Bed must be twin size or larger.  For safety reasons, it cannot be a home-made plywood bed or frame mounted on bicycles.  Bed must not be higher than 8 feet.

2. Beds must have box springs or mattress (no air mattress).

3. Push bars (handles) are allowed, but may not extend more than 16 inches away from the bed frame.  They must be designed for safety with no sharp or jagged edges allowed.

4. The bed must be constructed in a fashion that all pushers can see the course in front of the bed.

5. Beds must have four wheels (4-inch minimum but larger wheels are easier to roll).  All four wheels must have contact on the ground at the finish line.  All wheels must be load-bearing but do not have to be the same size.

6. Steering mechanisms may be used.  No bed may have motorized or mechanical means of motion.  All means of motion shall be limited to race team members.

Printable Registration Form

Bed Race Team Entry Form 2019 (docx)